///// (reader’s choice)

sipped and readjusted hair tucked by a hand assuring lilt like a
language song eye speech if you listen to the interlude of archways
begging ascension I say space as the third sense may be what
you’re arching for I say where the body worms in stillness grass
flows through the psyche as small vibrations from the unexisted up
a map of spiraling chimera is defined as an illusion or fabrication
of the mind or air pinned out to dry soft pillars of dander and fur
what is real is that if anything is real it is that the mind will make
connections and if anything is real it is water dreams and if
anything is real it is that greasy iridescence of being time to day
refusal of reality the human tendency to turn complexity into
duality feedback as an output signal harmonic properties of spit the
space between mirrors to let the world in


Annie Grizzle is a poet and shoemaker living in Milwaukee, WI. Her chapbook I Wake With Eyes The Sound of Nectarines was published by Ursus Americanus Press in 2023.