palimpsest: with anna akhmatova

Но будушее, которое как известно,
But the future, which as we know,

to open some chasm in the formless,

бросает свою тень задолго перед тем как войти,
throws its shadow long prior to entering,

precipitous of a hot and unnerving day,

стучало в окно, пряталось за фонарями, пересекало сны....
knocked on the window, hid behind street lamps, crossed dreams...

another ghost,
another dim-lit room
in the сумерках of memory.


Born in Kyiv, olga works in the (intersectional/textual) liminal space of photography, word, translation, and installation. She is interested in memory, dream spaces, absences, inheritance, (dis)place, and the construction of language. She cofounded and co-curated Desuetude Press. Her work can be found in Cleveland Review of Books, TQR, New Delta Review, Peach Mag, and elsewhere. She is getting her MFA in creative writing at UCSD, and her debut chapbook "cities as fathers" is available through Tilted House.