Before pitching us, please read the work in our issues to understand the type of writing we are interested in featuring. Even if you think you know what we’re looking for, read the previously published material to make sure!

We publish reviews that range between 600 and 1500 words. We’re looking for thoughtful investigations of chapbooks or full collections of new poetry & experimental fiction. We would prefer to feature reviews on books that have been published within the last five years.

We do not consider fully written reviews without first recieving a pitch. If you have already written a review, send us an inquiry first before sending us your draft.  

Examples of Books We Would Consider

  • Ebb by Grant Maierhofer (Kernplunkt)
  • Stealth Anxiety Megamix by Mike Corrao (11:11)
  • A Place Beyond by Garrett Strickland (Inside the Castle)
  • Flight Mode in the City by Nicole Raziya Fong (Spiral)
  • Proximal Morocco by Mohammed Kahïr Eddine (Ugly Duckling Presse)
  • Dead End by Michael Surya (Black Sun Lit)
  • Zakwato & Loglêdou’s Peril by Azo Vauguy (Action Books)
  • Satanite by Snatch Wylden (Schism Neuronics)
  • RAINBEAR!!!!!!!!! by Never Angeline North (Apocalypse Party)

Email review pitches to


Max & PJ